Welcome to Signs and Syndromes

Medicine has a fascinating array of words and terminologies to describe the various parts of the human body as well as the diseases that afflict us and the ways in which they present themselves. Beyond using common English words, medicine has long resorted to using eponyms - usually the names of people who discovered or were afflicted by the phenomenon described, to tag diseases, body parts, and symptoms. We aim to present you with a comprehensive list of medical eponyms broken down into signs, syndromes, and other medical eponyms.

By signs, we refer to those medical eponyms that denote particular presentations that are characteristic of certain disorders or disease processes, for example Kernig's sign, or Cullen's sign.

By syndrome, we mean those clusters of symptoms and diseases that together are characteristic of a specific condition.

While all the signs and syndromes listed here are eponyms, the Eponyms list presents different diseases, procedures, equipment that have been named after a person, that are not already listed in the signs or syndromes. We have excluded a subset of eponyms known as "Triads". A comprehensive coverage of medical triads can be found at the Classic Triads website.

While we strive, through rigorous research and by use of validated academic references to ensure complete accuracy of the facts presented here, we acknowledge that errors are possible. Should you find any mistakes or missing details, please do contact us. We also invite you to submit for our research and for addition to this website any signs, syndromes, or eponyms that we may have inadvertently omitted.